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Theater Consultants are an integral and growing part of the theatrical community.


Among the tasks we perform for our clients are producing, dramaturging, matchmaking between artists and producers, strategizing, and shepherding projects to production. Some of us do all of these; others specialize. We also produce, direct, dramaturg, design, act, and write projects of our own, but those efforts fall outside the work we are contracted to perform as consultants.


In banding together as the Theater Consultants of America we seek to strengthen ourselves individually and to bring clarity and definition to our position in the community. Because we are a relatively recent arrival on the theatrical scene, we are not supported by traditional rules or legal structures. We believe we should have strictures that enumerate our responsibilities and dictate fair remuneration just like writers, directors, actors, producers, stagehands, and virtually everyone else in the theater.


So whether you’re a Consultant, a Producer, a Writer, a Director, a Composer, an Artistic Director, or any other Theater Professional, please look around and send us questions through the Contact page.

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