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Welcome to the Theater Consultants Resource Website, sponsored by the Theater Consultants of America, a group of professional theater-makers with decades of experience working in all aspects of theater.


This website is meant to be a communal gathering spot for Theater Consultants wishing to get to know others and share information, as well as an access point for theater-makers seeking the help of a Theater Consultant.


Here you will find an explanation of what the Theater Consultants are and how we contribute to practice of making theater in America today.


You will find a list of suggested rates for the various kinds of work we do.


You will find our Roster of Theater Consultants and their specialties.


If you have any questions, or if you wish to add yourself to the Roster, please reach out via our Contact page.


So come in and have a look around. We gladly welcome you and look forward to making more and better theater with you in the days and years to come.


= Clifford Lee Johnson III

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